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By Greg Johnson 1. Trees for miles with colorful leaves framing green grass and vistas you will not believe. In fact, you have to see it to believe it. 2. The Mecca marketing group features 17 beautiful championship golf courses packaged any way you like at the price point you…

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Black Lake Golf Club Wows in Fall

By Greg Johnson Black Lake Golf Club in Onaway, like all the golf courses that are part of the Gaylord Golf Mecca, has enjoyed a wonderful golf season to this point. Here’s the best news: It only gets better as summer gives way to fall. “When the weather cooperates some…

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Otsego Resort Hosting Golf Star John Daly

By Greg Johnson It’s being called the FREE Chicken and Beer Festival, but that part is a joke. No FREE chicken and beer, but now that they have your attention: The event features John Daly and friends playing golf with those who have paid for the privilege. That part’s very…

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The Natural Thing To Do

Play The Natural at Beaver Creek Resort By Greg Johnson Kevin Henley, general manager and course superintendent at The Natural at Beaver Creek Resort, knows the many wonderful things about the Gaylord Golf Mecca member property where he works. Following are his favorite things: 1.The Natural is a Jerry Matthews…

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National Golf Month

Gaylord Golf Mecca is the Perfect Place to Celebrate! By Greg Johnson August has been National Golf Month across the country since the PGA of America came up with the idea 30 years ago in 1993, and the Gaylord Golf Mecca’s wonderful combination of incredible summer weather and world-class golf…

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Gaylord Golf Mecca Comes in 17 Flavors

By Greg Johnson It’s like a visit to your favorite ice cream shop that offers so many great flavors. The Gaylord Golf Mecca has 17 golf courses as partners and they are all treats in their own ways. Here’s the menu: 1. Indian River Golf Club’s Pleasant Pistachio – They…

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The Tribute at Otsego Resort

By Greg Johnson It just might be the course in the Gaylord Golf Mecca that surprises first-time players the most. It doesn’t have the fanfare or the legendary designer label of some of the others, but it has all the wow-factor a destination resort course needs and more. It is…

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Fishing the Gaylord Golf Mecca – Enjoy Our Green & Blue

There’s nothing quite like a Gaylord Golf Mecca getaway.  Those late evenings with sherbet sunsets, gentle inland breezes and mild summer temperatures that allow for play at any hour of the day…top it all off with 17 phenomenal golf courses and we’re sold! So what is it that makes our…

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Golf-light Savings Time

In the Gaylord Golf Mecca, we call it Golf-light Savings Time instead of Daylight Savings Time. By Greg Johnson The Gaylord Golf Mecca is on the golf side of the Eastern Time Zone, which means you can play golf until almost 10:00 p.m. on many summer nights. One of the…

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Golf Mecca Wows Talented Communicators

By Greg Johnson Six golf writers/influencers/communicators visited the Gaylord Golf Mecca on a Fam (familiarization) Tour that was FAMtastic recently via Pam Shaheen and her company, Crossroads Marketing. They played golf on eight courses over five days – Threetops and the Signature course at Treetops Resort, Gaylord Golf Club, The…

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