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GAM Golf Course Raters Wowed by Mecca’s Garland Lodge & Golf Resort

Oct 06, 2021 / Christy Walcott

By Greg Johnson Wow was the first word out of the mouth of Mark Bultema after leading about 20 course raters through 4 days of rating the 4 golf courses at Garland Lodge & Golf Resort, a shining resort member of the Gaylord Golf Mecca. “In my 20 years of rating courses with the GAM this is the largest group we’ve done at one time,” said Bultema, the current Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) president and long-time volunteer course rater. MORE

Masters Week Inspires Golfers to Think Mecca

Apr 13, 2021 / Christy Walcott

Masters Tournament week is in the books and that is when the game of golf, especially to those of us in Michigan and the Midwest, beckons once again. We get the clubs out while remembering the wonderful display of golf we witnessed via television on the prestigious green expanse at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. MORE

Garland Lodge & Golf Resort Celebrates 70 Years

Mar 12, 2021 / Christy Walcott

By Greg Johnson The Gaylord Golf Mecca has a history as a cooperative marketing golf group of 34 years, and it includes some members that have been in the game a lot longer. This summer Garland Lodge & Golf Resort celebrates 70 years of welcoming golfers to its expansive, beautiful, and yet unassuming vacation playground in the heart of the Mecca and the state of Michigan. MORE

SUPER SUPER: Jim Olli, Superintendent at The Pines, Retires

Feb 16, 2021 / Christy Walcott

By Greg Johnson “It’s always in great shape, just perfect,” said everybody for the last 20 years. For the last 20 years Jim Olli has been the hands-on man behind the golf course reputation at the Michaywe’ Pines Golf Course, which is one of the original members of the Gaylord Golf Mecca cooperative marketing group and always one of the favorite stops of visiting golfers. MORE

Five Courses and Jones Cottages at Treetops Resort

Aug 26, 2020 / Christy Walcott

By Greg Johnson Treetops Resort, another grand part of the Gaylord Golf Mecca, features masterful golf on five courses, including the original Masterpiece designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., so it has long made sense to offer golfers masterful lodging. A second Jones Cottage has been completed and is located near hole No. MORE

Let the 2020 Golf Season Begin!

Apr 27, 2020 / Christy Walcott

For so many of us, golf is therapy…a means of tuning out the pressures of the world and to simply indulge in the sport we love most.  During this time, getting some fresh air, sunlight and exercise not only improves your mood, but is crucial to your overall well-being. And we’re happy to announce, golf season has started in the Mecca.As you’re aware, the Governor’s most recent amendments to the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order includes allowing golf courses to open.  Of course, to keep everyone safe and maintain the social distancing procedures we’ve all been working so hard on, there are some restrictions in place.  Here are a few tips to have the best golf experience possible from wherever you may be teeing off: Call Ahead for Restrictions & PaymentsCalling ahead is necessary right now.  Courses may not have staff on hand to set up tee times and collect payments – many are handling that online.  Calling ahead also gives you the opportunity to see what restrictions are in place, as they may vary from one course to the next. MORE

Michaywé Launches New Caddie Program Providing Youth Evans Scholarship Opportunities

May 24, 2016 / Christy Walcott

By: GolfPRGuy It takes a special golf course to play host to two Michigan Amateur Championships (1991 and 1996) and even a more special place that creates programs to impact youth like the new caddie program being launched at Michaywé in 2016. Having a true caddie program is a throwback to the game during a time when caddies were prevalent throughout many courses across the country, before the onslaught of golf carts. MORE