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National Golf Media Members Delighted by Gaylord Golf Mecca Trip

Jun 17, 2024 / Val Wright

By Greg Johnson Once again, the Gaylord Golf Mecca surprised and delighted a group of national golf media members on a fam (familiarization) trip. The group played seven of the 16 Mecca golf courses, dined in the area’s great restaurants, including some at the member courses, and enjoyed perfect golf lodging at Otsego Resort and Treetops Resort. MORE

STUDY SAYS: Gaylord Golf Mecca, Michigan, Top Summer Destination

May 29, 2024 / Val Wright

By Greg Johnson - A new study by the National Golf Foundation (NGF) reveals that Michigan’s golf industry has an annual economic impact of $6.1 billion, which is a seriously big news number. The new study also tells us something the Gaylord Golf Mecca has been telling us in its cooperative marketing for 37 years. MORE

March Into Spring: Gaylord Golf Mecca Prep Time

Mar 18, 2024 / Christy Walcott

That golf itch is starting as the season switches to spring. Here are five things you can do at home to scratch the itch as we march toward spring and golf in the beautiful Gaylord Golf Mecca. Make plans to get the time slot for your Mecca visit and learn about our 16 golf courses and 20 lodging partners. MORE

Golf Show Season Produces Gaylord Golf Mecca Enthusiasm

Jan 23, 2024 / Val Wright

By Greg Johnson It’s show time, as in the perfect time for the Gaylord Golf Mecca to show off a bit at the upcoming spring-to-action golf shows. A Gaylord Golf Mecca booth will be awaiting golfers at the upcoming shows in Chicago, Cleveland, Toledo, Toronto, Grand Rapids and Dallas. MORE