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National Golf Media Members Delighted by Gaylord Golf Mecca Trip

By Greg Johnson

Once again, the Gaylord Golf Mecca surprised and delighted a group of national golf media members on a fam (familiarization) trip.

The group played seven of the 16 Mecca golf courses, dined in the area’s great restaurants, including some at the member courses, and enjoyed perfect golf lodging at Otsego Resort and Treetops Resort.

We are looking forward to reading the articles they have published. Most often they tell stories about other golfers playing, the places they play, the equipment they use and the clothes they wear. But the Mecca let them be the players at Threetops and The Signature at Treetops Resort, Black Lake Golf Club, Indian River Golf Club, The Tribute at Otsego Resort, The Pines at Michaywe and Gaylord Golf Club.

The visiting golfers included Abbey Algiers from LPGA Amateur Network; Rich Styles from Golf Aficionado, ESPN Coastal Radio and Golf Central Magazine; John Glozek from NYGolf Magazine and Destinations Magazine; Mike Dojc from; Dave Weretka from Golf Chicago; Jason Bruno from Links Nation and Steve Pike from They were joined by the coordinator of the trip, Pam Shaheen, president of Crossroads Marketing Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.

Styles said it was his second trip to the Gaylord area – on purpose. “There’s so much here and I enjoyed my first visit so much, I wanted to come back and see more,” he said. “Gaylord is unique in all the good ways, nice town, nice people, great courses, great food, great lodging. It has it all. I’m thinking I will need at least three trips.”

Algiers was a first-time visitor and she was impressed. “All the courses we’ve played are beautiful and different from each other,” she said. “It’s been a great trip.”

Stay tuned. We will share the stories they write. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the 16 member courses and 20 lodging partners who make up the Gaylord Golf Mecca at

And book your fam trip, as in “FAMtastic,” to the Mecca. Live your story.

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