Play The Tour

May 05, 2021 / Christy Walcott

Beautiful Black Lake, Gorgeous Gaylord Golf Club, Magnificent Michaywe Pines Black Lake Golf Club in partnership with Gaylord Golf Club and The Pines at Michaywe’, a trio of Gaylord Golf Mecca gems, offer what’s called the Tour Package. It’s spectacular and popular and fun and classic, and because of all that has been presented every year since 2000. MORE

Michigan Golf Live’s GOLF SHOW ON THE ROAD Features Mecca

Feb 01, 2021 / Christy Walcott

By Greg Johnson The cooperative marketing group of great courses in the Gaylord Golf Mecca will miss seeing your smiling faces at the golf shows that have been cancelled due to the pandemic this spring, but you don’t have to miss out on the information and show specials usually involved. Bill Hobson of Michigan Golf Live, perhaps Michigan’s biggest voice and face of golf (he is really tall), is presenting the Golf Show on the Road with Michigan Golf Live, which features each of the outstanding Mecca members. MORE

Golf Passport Holiday Special

Dec 22, 2020 / Christy Walcott

Consider this the Gaylord Golf Mecca Merry Golf Christmas present to you and your lucky golf partner, friend or even a grudge-Grinch match opponent. It’s called the GAYLORD GOLF MECCA 2-FOR-1 PASSPORT and it gives through all of 2021.You can purchase this 2-for-1 discount to be used at 15 of the best Mecca and Midwest courses. MORE