Opening Dates

The Gaylord Golf Mecca is getting ready to roll out the red carpet to golfers from across the nation this season! While tentative opening dates are available for many of our courses at this time, please keep in mind they are subject to change due to weather conditions. We will post updates as they are received, so please check back often.

Black Lake Golf Club
April 28th

Garland Lodge & Golf Resort
Fountains – TBD
Reflections – May 5th
Monarch – May 5th
Swampfire – May 5th

Gaylord Golf Club
April 28th

Indian River Golf Club
April 16th

Lakes of the North Golf Course
April 29th

Michaywe’ – The Pines
May 3rd

Otsego Resort
The Classic – April 26th
The Tribute – April 28th

Treetops Resort
Masterpiece – May 4th
Premier – May 4th
Tradition – May 4th
Signature – May 4th
Threetops – May 4th