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Something for Every Buddy in the Gaylord Golf Mecca

Hey buddy, it’s never too early to starting planning, and the tag buddy trip is not meant to exclude anyone. We’re talking golf with friends, family, coworkers or a combination. I’ve done them all and enjoyed them all in the Gaylord Golf Mecca, which is truly America’s Summer Golf Mecca.
Now that we have that settled, let’s discuss the essentials of a buddy trip for golf and how the Gaylord Golf Mecca’s 15 member golf courses, four resorts, 16 lodging partners, dining options as well as the Gaylord restaurant and recreation scene can provide all those essentials.
The five things buddy trips must include in Greg Johnson’s order of importance are; great golf, comfortable lodging close to the golf, multiple food options within a few minutes of drive time, prompt attention and service at golf facilities and more great golf.
Great golf: 14 courses with 18 holes and a unique par 3 course with nine are at your beckon in the Mecca.
Want a secluded pure northern Michigan experience? Book Black Lake, where Rees Jones designed 18 secluded wonderful golf holes in pure quiet beauty. You feel like your group owns the golf course on every hole.
Or, visit The Natural at Beaver Creek Resort, which has the great rolling golf course designed by Jerry Matthews but also cool cabins for lodging. Golf all day and then kick back by a fire in front of a cabin at night.
Want great golf conditions like you might find at your club back home? You can’t go wrong at any of the member properties, but yes, Gaylord Country Club is known for pure, consistent greens. It’s an especially friendly place, too.
Michaywe’ – The Pines has the classic lines of design and the conditioning of great parkland golf.  It will be your little country club for the day. They offer a unique caddie program, too, on a walkable course. It’s a great place to get back to the roots of the game.
Want a ‘where has this place been all my life’ experience? Book Indian River Golf Club, which is a classic gem in Indian River that has been around for years. It just joined the Mecca last year, and the golf combined with the deck around the Greenside Grille and overlooking the golf course is perfect.
Want golf course options, as in more than one course including one that doesn’t beat you up and take your lunch money? The Otsego Club has The Tribute course, which is a postcard scenic journey of northern Michigan as well as a significant golf challenge, or The Classic course, a comfortable room-to-play place that beginning golfers, youth golfers and seniors enjoy.
Want the kind of place with the park and leave only when you decide option? The Loon Golf Resort has three golf courses, The Loon, The Lakes and The Ridge, all different in design features to provide a variety of golf challenges. The resort also has multiple dining options and lodging that is perfectly designed with the golf group in mind. Oh, and they will limo bus you and your clubs around.
Want the mega-resort with five golf courses, instruction, lodging options, dining options and even a Sports Bar? The Mecca presents Treetops Resort. Robert Trent Jones, Tom Fazio and Rick Smith designed courses here, and it is at Treetops North where Smith built the famous ThreeTops par-3 course with incredible elevation, views and challenges for the golfer.
Now that we’ve covered great golf and more great golf, comfortable lodging is easily answered. With four resorts and 16 lodging partners you can get what you want – from a simple hotel room to a house where they buy the groceries for you and put them in the refrigerator on the day you arrive. Honesty, the Mecca will get you what you want. Just ask.
Finally, we talk food, or in my buddy trip terms the need to cover the five food groups; steaks, fish, burgers/subs/sandwiches, pizza and beer. The Mecca and the Gaylord community have you covered in full with my food groups and more.
Every golf property has some sort of dining option, and most of them multiple options. In addition, Gaylord in recent years has been busting at the seams with restaurant openings. Casual dining, fine dining, brew pubs, fast food, creative cuisine and more are available within a few minutes if not a simple short walk.
Start planning. Visit or call 800-345-8621. The Mecca has been serving golf buddy trips and more for 30 years, and they have something for every buddy.
-Greg Johnson

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