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Getaway at Garland Lodge & Golf Resort

Planning a golf getaway doesn’t have to be difficult. One call or click can cover it. Garland Lodge & Golf Resort can be that call at 877-442-7526 or click at

Once planned, you just have to find your way to Garland just outside of Gaylord in Lewiston, where you will be greeted and pampered in a true golf garden getaway.

Garland is off the beaten track amid pure Northern Michigan woodlands and scenic waterways, which feeds into the getaway desire perfectly. There’s no urban sprawl. No traffic. No worries.

Garland has four golf courses, which means you can show up and never go away if you choose. Stay and play is incredibly easy. All four courses operate out of the same golf shop, just a few yards jaunt from an amazing log clubhouse and short walks from every other facility on property.

You can shut off your car, your worries and even your phone if you like and open up to golf in a beautiful, natural world of wildlife and welcoming courses.

Garland has welcomed golfers to its expansive, beautiful, and yet unassuming vacation playground for 73 years. They know what they are doing. It’s a golf mecca inside the Gaylord Golf Mecca with the grand slam of golf courses – Fountains, Monarch, Reflections and Swampfire, each aptly named and well maintained. They await the getaway golfers.

Fountains, a combination of beauty and golf variety, offers a great golf challenge with its creative undulating greens.

Monarch is the most traditional championship course of the four and has hosted various competition events over the years, including the Michigan PGA Professional Championship.

Reflections is the shortest of the four courses, though still 6,400 yards at tips. Yes, it demands some accuracy among the trees and the navigation of some elevation changes, but each hole is its own adventure.

Swampfire has water visible on 16 of 18 holes, but much of it is not in play. While it plays in the heads of some water phobia golfers, once a few good shots have been produced, those same golfers will find the joy of conquering the game in a beautiful, glimmering setting.

It’s pure getaway golf at Garland, which is part of the Gaylord Golf Mecca collection of 16 destination courses in the Gaylord area, America’s favorite summer golf destination. You can do a getaway to those courses, too.

It’s one click, one call. Get away to Garland. Get away to Northern Michigan. Get away from it all and golf.

Learn more about all the Mecca has to offer at

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