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Fall for it – the Gaylord Golf Mecca

The final weeks of the golf season coincide with the amazing annual fall display of colors in the Gaylord Golf Mecca.
It’s a daily happening for golfers on a Mecca course to look about and see the incredible collection of trees and think – this place must be something in the fall.
It is, and more. I’ve seen it. Bring your golf clubs and your cameras. Wide angle colorful views abound in every direction as the suddenly vivid white golf balls seek out the green of the fairways amid the splash of spectacular color.
Catch the rainbow array at The Loon Golf Resort spread across three golf courses, including the Lakes course where the water turns into magic mirrors. Spy the treetops at Treetops Resort. Walk the pleasant fairways surrounded by color at The Pines of Michaywe’.  Gaylord Country Club’s greens seem to glow amid the many changing leaves that drift to earth ever so slowly. The stunning beauty at Black Lake Golf Club is mind boggling when red, orange, yellow add zest to the backdrop.
It’s time to book that last golf trip and see nature’s tapestry in the trees that frame all 15 of the golf courses in the Mecca. Turn a trip north into a color tour and golf tour. Do it now.
The first 30 years of the Mecca have brought 30 changes of the colors to golfers in a most vivid manner. The trees grow, the seasons change and the colors seem more beautiful each year.
By our count the Mecca has 270 unique par opportunities, birdies, eagles and more – all dressed colorfully for the fall. See it to believe it. The lodging partners of the Mecca know all the great spots to check out locally for simple viewing. Call 800-345-8621, or visit

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