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TRIPLE WOW – Trio of Golf Advisor Best Lists Include Gaylord Golf Club

It’s not a secret that Gaylord Golf Club is a favorite among Gaylord Golf Mecca visitors, and has been for many, many years.

The golfers who took part in ratings, reviews and making choices of their favorites across the nation in 2019 for put it down in survey form.

Gaylord Golf Club was ranked No. 11 on the Top 25 Best Michigan Golf Courses list (and we’re proud to see another Gaylord Golf Mecca member make an appearance on the list – Treetops Resort’s Premier).

Wow, very nice.

And then it was ranked No. 13 on the Top 25 Best Course Conditions in the United States list.

Double wow, very, very nice.

And then it was ranked No. 13 on the Top 25 Courses for Staff Friendliness in the United States list.

Triple wow!

“It feels great to be recognized,” said J.T. Aude, the head golf professional and general manager at Gaylord Golf Club. “We have a great staff, we have great course conditions and we feel we’re one of the best courses in Michigan, but to have others notice that, especially golfers, pick us out of the places they play – it is really special.”

Aude leads a dedicated staff that greets you with a smile and a willingness to serve. He is Mr. Gaylord Golf Club in a way. His family moved to Gaylord when he was nine, and he is starting his 13th year as head golf professional at the club.

“The first 18 holes I ever played were right here,” he said. “I guess this is where I was meant to end up working. So many people tell stories about family trips from years ago that included playing here and I get that. It’s a wonderful layout, traditional parkland golf with Northern Michigan scenery. You see where you are going to try to hit the ball, and if you hit it well, you are rewarded. Hit it bad and you get penalized. The great thing is you will probably still be able to find your ball, hit it out of trouble forward and keep playing.”

Aude said the course conditions award reflects the hard work of Superintendent Paul Holmes, a fixture at the club for almost 35 years, and his staff.

“The greens win golfers over,” he said. “I think we have some of the best greens in Northern Michigan. Paul has been here forever, and this is his baby. He takes care of it, and he is meticulous about how it is done, how it is mowed and with the care for the greens.”

Aude said the staff at Gaylord Golf Club want each golfer to feel welcomed for the first time and every time.

“We want you to enjoy everything about playing here, from the minute you pull up to when you pull out,” he said. “We have a great staff. They work hard, and they remember that we do it for the golfers who come through the doors.”

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