Sep 26, 2023 / kayla

Ryder Cup Week Can Include Your Golf, Too By Greg Johnson It’s Ryder Cup Week and golf fans are abuzz about what is happening this week at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Rome, but it’s also a great time to get a few final rounds in at one of the 17 member courses of the Gaylord Golf Mecca. We suggest it is possible to do both – go crazy for the Red, White and Blue team chanting USA, USA, USA, and also play color-tour golf in beautiful Northern Michigan. MORE


Sep 05, 2023 / kayla

By Greg Johnson 1. Trees for miles with colorful leaves framing green grass and vistas you will not believe. In fact, you have to see it to believe it. 2. The Mecca marketing group features 17 beautiful championship golf courses packaged any way you like at the price point you desire. MORE

It’s Easy to Book Your Mecca Trip

Jun 06, 2023 / kayla

By Greg Johnson The Gaylord Golf Mecca, America’s summer golf destination, has been booking trips for 36 years as a cooperative marketing group. That’s 17 golf courses at nine properties with 21 lodging partners in the heart of Northern Michigan who have tried and true golf courses and tried and true methods to help you with the best golf experience possible. MORE

Indian River Golf Club Celebrates 100 Years

Jun 01, 2023 / kayla

By Greg Johnson Indian River Golf Club, a unique member of the Gaylord Golf Mecca, is celebrating 100 years of golf this summer. The friendliest club in the north clearly knows how to celebrate. They are offering a special Monday golf rate for all visitors, dedicated events for members throughout the summer, and even a commemorative book. MORE

Gaylord Golf Mecca: Ladies Welcome!

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It’s National Women’s Golf Month and we’re excited to share an excerpt from an article written by our good friend and a familiar face in the Gaylord Golf Mecca, Susan R. Pollack. The full piece is featured in the 2022 issue of Northern Michigan Golfer Magazine, which can be viewed here. MORE

Five Reasons to Play Black Lake Golf Club

May 23, 2023 / kayla

By Greg Johnson Black Lake Golf Club is a 5-star, top-of-the-charts golf course. We’d like to share 5 of the many reasons to make Black Lake and the Gaylord Golf Mecca the top destinations in your golf trip plans this year. MORE

Mecca is Where the Heart is for Garland’s Andrew Hart

May 15, 2023 / kayla

By Greg Johnson Andrew Hart has been on the Gaylord Golf Mecca scene at Garland Lodge & Golf Resort since he was 11 and attended his first junior golf clinic. He grew up in Lewiston and at age 16 started working at the resort in the golf bag drop area. MORE

DID YOU KNOW? Learn More About the Gaylord Golf Mecca

Feb 16, 2023 / kayla

By Greg Johnson It’s not exactly golf weather outside in Northern Michigan this week, but the friendly golfers who live in the Gaylord Golf Mecca rarely stop thinking about it, talking about it and planning how to make your golf visits wonderful. With that in mind, we offer a couple of things to talk about this winter when you think golf and the Gaylord Golf Mecca. MORE