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Merry Mecca Christmas
Happy Holidays Gift Ideas

By Greg Johnson

The Gaylord Golf Mecca may be closed down for playing our favorite game for the winter, but we have a foursome of gift ideas to help you make for the merriest holiday celebrations.

Mecca golf packages are rolling in and many are already listed on our website with fabulous savings and specials. If you had something else in mind, it is also possible through some of our 17 member courses and 21 lodging partners to call and have them create your dream getaway. See the list of member websites at the bottom.

First though, our fabulous foursome of ideas.

1. We all need to become better putters and it is the easiest way to shave strokes off your score. The SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Green is an indoor putting mat that is nine feet long and just over 16 inches wide, and it should help you become a more consistent putter. It can fit in the office, or even your sports cave at home. It has squaring and alignment guides, a continuous ball return and a nice rolling surface that is better than carpet or other flooring for indoor practice. I saw it priced online recently as low as $60. Visit to learn more.

2. The Clubglove travel carrier for your clubs makes trips to great places like the Mecca as easy as a tap-in putt. The company claims it is the favorite of professional touring players, and that’s easy to grasp once you have one. It is padded, keeps your clubs safe, is quite easy to transport with wheels and handles, not too heavy and all those good things. It fits great in the back of my car, by the way. Depending on the model/size you choose figure $300 to $425.They also have other travel products. Check them out at

3. Hear this, many golfers like a few tunes with their golf and the JBL Clip4 will rock for you. It’s a small Bluetooth Speaker that has some big sound and with its carabiner attaches to your bag or the cart easily. I have seen them for sale online for around $50. They are made with the golfer and other outdoor enthusiasts in mind and the units are easy to store in your golf bag, and waterproof, too. Check it out at

4. Mecca gift cards!!! Most of the Mecca member courses have SHOP buttons or email clubs you can join through their websites, and gift cards for golf, merchandise, lodging and more are available. These are perfect gifts for those golfers who annually make a pilgrimage to the Mecca for golf, or for those who just need another nudge to go ahead and book a trip. Our lodging partners have cards, too. For instance, Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn have partner properties in Gaylord. Look through Northern Michigan Golfer magazine for our partners, restaurants and more. Contact numbers and email addresses are available there, too.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and visit our golf course members at

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