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Swing Into the Sunset at the Gaylord Golf Mecca

On a golf trip with buddies a few years ago this June, we played in the morning at Gaylord Golf Club, ended up floating about on a pontoon boat on a nearby lake in the afternoon and then played golf again at The Natural at Beaver Creek Resort.
It was a perfect day, a Tourism Bureau Day as they say with sun, a light breeze, the whole thing. When finished with our second 18 of the day, the sun like us lingered about a little longer. So we played an unplanned nine more.
Here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be just a few extra holes near the end of the day in the Gaylord Golf Mecca.
It can be a lot of holes. The Gaylord Golf Mecca gives you more in so many ways.
In addition to some of the best golf courses, resorts, lodging and dining options, and summer weather for golf in the world, the Mecca also has the longest days to allow for more play.
Play golf until almost 10 p.m. We are not kidding.
See, Gaylord is located in the heart of northern Michigan and in the Eastern Time Zone where Daylight Savings makes you wait just a little longer for a beautiful sunset over the many lakes and golf courses in the region.
Those sunsets are worth it, especially if you are on the way in with a great round of golf or sitting on one of the decks that overlook the world-class collection of No. 18 holes at the member courses of the Mecca.
The decks at Indian River Golf Club, The Natural at Beaver Creek Resort and The Loon Golf Resort are unforgettable settings late into the day, but just three of many. On that unforgettable trip from a few years ago, we enjoyed a bug-less evening on the deck at The Natural sipping a few cold drinks after playing 45 holes of golf during the day.
Nobody is rushing you off the golf course late in the evening in the Mecca. Those in the know realize that up Gaylord way on a quiet, beautiful northern Michigan evening, it just might be the best time to play.
Tee off at 5:00 or so and you can play 18. It doesn’t have to be the old quick nine or emergency nine either. The sun likes shining down on the Mecca so much that it stays out late like the golfers. It takes its time going to bed.
One of the criticisms of golf, usually by people who don’t play, is that it takes too much time. The Gaylord Golf Mecca makes that argument irrelevant.
Go fishing, play softball, enjoy some water sports or shopping in Gaylord’s welcoming downtown streets, and then play golf. If you want it all, you can do it all.
Come to the Mecca this summer. Play some golf. Hang out on a boat. Play some more. Watch the sun finally set.
Golf packages are available through the eight member properties, 15 golf courses and many of the 20 lodging partners. Learn more at or by calling 800-345-8621, and then come play more.
-Greg Johnson

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