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Spring Ahead:  Get Ready for Your Gaylord Golf Mecca Visit

No matter how it looks out your window, golf will return and quickly like flowers in May. To help you prepare for the golf season and that spring-ahead trip you want to take to the Gaylord Golf Mecca, here are five tips:

  1. Grab a calendar, call your golf regulars and plan a day, a weekend, a week if you can. With 15 golf courses and over 20 lodging partners at a multitude of price points, the Gaylord Golf Mecca has you covered. By the way, there are special spring rates for stay-and-play and much more starting as early as the end of April. Visit and click away to learn about offers and read the latest Mecca news. You can also call 800-345-8621.


  1. Get in some sort of golf shape with a few exercises, some stretching, perhaps a walk. Remember golf is more athletic of an endeavor than most people think. Swing your clubs in the garage or on the deck in the emerging sunlight. Get loose and flexible for the upcoming fun. And don’t get too worried. We have the latest golf carts on the market.


  1. Give your golf equipment a check-up, as in get new grips if needed or take that tax refund check and buy some new instruments of fun. We suggest getting fitted to your new clubs to help you bring out your best game. By the way, the golf professionals at the Mecca partner courses are just a pro shop phone call away for advice, great buying opportunities and more. They know the best driver to buy for you, by the way.


  1. Hit a few golf balls at a range, even if only on the first day of your trip to the Mecca. A quick spring review lesson is good for even accomplished golfers, and starting the season with the correct things happening in your golf swing is great for the less accomplished or beginner. Again, the golf professionals at all the Mecca stops are at your service. They have been trained to work with visiting golfers of all levels of ability. Cure that slice? It can happen.


  1. Look the part, as in some new golf clothes, shoes and stuff. The many golf shops in the Mecca promise to be loaded with everything you might need, including the latest styles for women and the trendy stuff for the golfer who always wants to be on the cutting edge. Hey, if you look good, you feel good and then you play that way, too. Honest!

Don’t delay; spring ahead!


Here’s a list of our Gaylord Golf Mecca partners; look them up or call:

Black Lake Golf Club,, 989-733-4653
Gaylord Golf Club,, 231-546-3376
Indian River Golf Club,, 231-238-7011
The Loon Golf Resort (three courses),, 989-732-4454
Michaywe’ – The Pines,, 989-939-8911
The Natural at Beaver Creek Resort,, 989-732-1785
Otsego Resort (two courses),, 989-732-5181
Treetops Resort (five courses),, 855-296-5112.

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