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Masters Week Gives Golfers Reason to Think Gaylord Golf Mecca

It’s Masters Tournament week when the game of golf, especially to those of us in Michigan and the Midwest, emerges again, like our clubs from storage.
The golf world returns either in person or via television to Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, a true Mecca of the game.
And suddenly everybody can’t wait to play.
That’s where the properties and partners of the Gaylord Golf Mecca can help. The 15 golf courses of the Gaylord Golf Mecca will open as soon as Mother Nature allows, and in a masterful way, make room and book rooms for all who want to play.
Planning, of course, does not have to wait. Book that planned trip to the Gaylord Golf Mecca now, or even an impulsive trip brought on by the beautiful green images you see on television in the next week.
Want rolling beautiful fairways of green? The Mecca has them in multitudes on any course you pick.
Want pristine greens that challenge your talents? The Mecca rolls them out.
Want tall, majestic pine trees to cast shadows as you walk among beautiful scenery? Gaylord is gorgeous.
Want to play where there is purity in the dedication to the game of golf? Come to the Mecca.
For many years as a newspaper reporter I went to the Masters each year, and it was my favorite assignment – personally placed above the Final Four or even the Super Bowl.
I would every year see Rick Smith working with his many touring pro pupils. He was then teaching at Treetops Resort in the Mecca in the summers, and we would chat about how golf was coming for the great people back in Michigan.
I remember we were in Augusta when Rick told me Tom Fazio was going to do a course design at Treetops. Fazio is one of the trusted architects Augusta National confers with when making changes, by the way.
“Treetops is going to have one of the best collections of golf courses in the country one day,” Rick said.
Rick was right on.
Treetops does have one of the best collections of golf courses in the country amid the Gaylord Golf Mecca, one of the best collections of golf courses that can be found in any country. That includes the only Tom Fazio design in Michigan, by the way. And that includes three designs by Rick Smith himself.
I’ve been fortunate enough to play Augusta National – once.  It was an incredible and unforgettable experience.
I’ve also been fortunate to play the golf courses of the Gaylord Golf Mecca. Again, it was incredible and unforgettable over and over at every property.
When that golf itch hits in the next week as you watch the best players in the game play on a most storied stage, think the Gaylord Golf Mecca. Call 800-345-8621. Visit The choices for golf and lodging are many.
A ticket to the Masters playing rounds remains one of the toughest tickets to attain in sports. Playing in the Mecca just takes reaching out for an assist in planning and making it to beautiful Gaylord.
We can’t wait to play, and we can’t wait to see you in the Mecca. That will only become more obvious as we look in this week on the Masters.
-Greg Johnson

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