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Greg Johnson’s Three Favorite Mecca Moments From 2023

Greg Johnson is a notable sportswriter that handles PR for the Gaylord Golf Mecca. Featured photo: Greg Johnson, center, with PGA Golf Professional Bob Bales, left, and David Murray, right, at October Michigan Golf Hall of Fame Induction day.


In June I helped host golf writers from around the country for a Gaylord Golf Mecca visit. One of the stops of their trip was at Treetops Resort where they played the famous Threetops, which is truly one of the best par 3 courses in the country. The reactions from the writers, a sometimes skeptical and critical lot, are always over-the-top regarding Threetops. Treetops had a par 3 course before having a par 3 course became cool. They have perfected the experience and even golf writers who have played par 3s around the world come away impressed. Designer Rick Smith took such great advantage of the elevation changes. All nine holes are unique. You will learn about Lee Trevino’s million-dollar ace when you are there. It’s simply a must-play course in the Mecca.


Dining at Inn the Woods Restaurant at Michaywe’, home of the great Pines golf course, has always been a pleasant experience. But early last fall I took the family out in the evening for dinner, as in Grandpa picked up the check. The easy drive there from downtown Gaylord, the casual and classy setting of the restaurant, the welcoming ambiance and the accommodating and friendly wait staff made it a wonderful evening. The steak I had was perfect. The seafood of one of the guests was labeled perfect, too. The grandchildren loved the handmade pizza. And the trio of desserts we shared with spoons topped the evening off exactly right. The Mecca offers many great dining experiences, but make sure you dine at Inn the Woods.


In July, a group of golfers from the Grand Rapids area asked me to help them plan a trip to the Mecca. I made recommendations, including golf at four courses, where to stay and where to eat. The group included some of my longtime golf friends and let’s just say they are not a group that is easily impressed. They take trips every year to someplace in the U.S. to play golf and have even traveled overseas. I expected nice feedback when they returned from the trip to the Mecca because I sent them to my favorite spots. They couldn’t stop talking about Black Lake Golf Club. This time, however, they pooled some funds and purchased a thank you gift for me at a Mecca golf shop. I was floored that guys who gripe about losing $2 bets took time to buy me a gift, and also floored by the top-of-the-line new golf shoes I received. I figure I owe thanks to the Mecca courses, restaurants and people who took care of the group. I thank them here. I can’t afford to get everybody shoes.

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