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Golf Mecca Wows Talented Communicators

By Greg Johnson

Six golf writers/influencers/communicators visited the Gaylord Golf Mecca on a Fam (familiarization) Tour that was FAMtastic recently via Pam Shaheen and her company, Crossroads Marketing.

They played golf on eight courses over five days – Threetops and the Signature course at Treetops Resort, Gaylord Golf Club, The Tribute at Otsego Resort, Monarch and Fountains at Garland Lodge & Golf Resort, The Pines at Michaywe’ and Lakes of the North Golf Course.

The Mecca has 17 member courses and 21 lodging partners. It takes more than one trip to play them all.

The digs for the FAMMERS were at Garland, Treetops and Otsego Resort, and they had great meals at the resorts as well as Bennethum’s Northern Inn and a homemade barbecue cookout at Otsego Resort.

They let me tag along, and I saw miles of smiles across the great green expanse of golf in Gaylord. We can’t wait to read, listen and look at what they thought of the place. Some articles are already out.

Keep an eye out for stuff from our visitors – David King from Golf Georgia, Drew Koch from Plugged In Golf, Dave Lockhart from Golf Chicago and Golf 360TV, George McNeilly from and NewEngland.Golf, Tony Dear from LINKS, SI Golf & Destination Golfer and Phyllis Barone from New York Golf.

Tony Dear, a native of England with a musical accent, said he was repeatedly surprised as they made their way through the week. “I keep thinking I found my favorite course of the trip, and then we play another,” he said. “The Mecca has such an impressive collection of courses and some are quite different from each other. It makes for a great visit and golf experience.”

George McNeilly already has stories up at NewEngland.Golf and and he said, “Located in the center of Northern Michigan, Gaylord is home to spectacular golf courses – 17 of them. This week I played a handful of them and could not have been more pleased with the overall experience. For 36 years, the premier golf courses in the Gaylord area have been promoted as an overarching must-visit destination known as the “Gaylord Golf Mecca” and have earned quite a national reputation.”

Go to and see what they are talking and writing about. Then visit. Play eight courses in five days or stay as many days as you like and play as many courses as you wish.

It will be FAMtastic.

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