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Fall For It: Five Reasons to Visit the Gaylord Golf Mecca Now

1. The leaves on the trees become Mother Nature’s canvass of color, and the Gaylord Golf Mecca has trees – millions of them – and we are not exaggerating. One of the resorts that is part of the Golf Mecca marketing effort is named Treetops. The views are incredible from almost any tee on any of the 15 golf courses in the Mecca. A round here in the fall is a Color Tour. October is the peak time in the heart of the state.
2. Fall rates as in falling rates. Play for less. The Mecca already offers a tremendous range of golf pricing among its members, and they only get better. Figure out what you can afford for one last fall trip to the Mecca, call any of our member courses and they will make it happen.
3. It’s a little less crowded here in the fall. The Mecca is very popular and busy in the traditional golf weeks of the season. Once school and football starts we have a few more open times. You can play where and when you want likely for less. Remember, 15 courses, 20 lodging partners, four flagship resorts, and some 261 birdie or eagle opportunities.
4. Hunting and fishing can all be combined with a little golf, too. Since we are in the heart of the state and surrounded by forestland and lakes, hunters and fisherman make up many of our fall visitors as a rule. In fact, they come year around. They know the best spots for their sports. Follow their lead.
5. Winetasting, dinner, craft beer, crisp candy apples, great restaurants and more add to a day of fall golf in the Mecca. Great wines are produced in Michigan. You just have to wander about a bit with help from us and enjoy the fruits of nature. In recent years, Gaylord has opened up several new restaurants to go with some traditional great ones. We can help you find what you want and a price you like. The options are many. We’re thinking a few golf holes, perhaps chili for dinner, a glass of locally produced wine or craft beer and a cozy lodging spot with a fireplace. We’re thinking Mecca.
Join us this fall in the Mecca. Learn more at or call 800-345-8621 or stop in to the Visitor’s Center at 319 W. Main Street, chat with us and get ideas, directions, maps and information.

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