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Book Your 2019 Gaylord Golf Mecca Trip Now


Book Your 2019 Gaylord Golf Mecca Trip Now
Shoppers launch early to beat the rush for Christmas. Fans leave ballgames early to beat the traffic, especially if all looks lost for the home team.
So just because the golf season is in the rearview mirror and you have relegated your golf clubs to winter storage or packed them up to take south when you depart on a winter getaway, you don’t have to put planning ahead for the next golf season in the Gaylord Golf Mecca away, too.
Find a calendar. Start planning. Beat the rush to book your 2019 Gaylord Golf Mecca trip. Hey, the Mecca is popular and prime weeks, weekends and tee times start to go. The golfers who get to the tee first, play first folks.
The Gaylord Golf Mecca just finished its 31st year, which is remarkable if only because they have managed to work as competitors and a cooperative at the same time in an ever-changing and from boom time to almost bust time in golf over those three decades.
How did they do it? They formed a working bond as a short-season golf destination, and they understand that collectively with 15 golf courses, four flagship resorts and 20 lodging partners, they offer a tremendously diverse array of world-class golf, lodging and other amenities. They also care about being part of the Gaylord area, a lively community that offers so much more than just a stop on the way up I-75 to the Upper Peninsula. The community in turn, cares about the Gaylord Golf Mecca and its tremendous economic impact. We are talking dollars and jobs and fun for visitors.
And the Mecca offers anything a golfer could want: courses that are great for beginners, seniors, families and others, and courses that can challenge and have challenged the best golfers in the world.
Want name designers like Jones and Tom Fazio? Check out Treetops.
Want holes that isolate you from all other people on the golf course? Check out Black Lake.
Want traditional, timeless golf where you can walk or ride? Check out Indian River.
Want to play some of the best greens in all of Michigan? Check out Gaylord Golf Club.
Want a first-class resort with three courses, versatile lodging and amazing service? Check out The Loon Golf Resort.
Want a throwback feel to your day with a caddie on a traditional, great golf course? Check out Michaywe’ – The Pines.
Want picturesque views of the beautiful land carved by glaciers of long ago? Just look around you as you play The Tribute and The Natural at Otsego Resort.
Want a cozy campfire at night, as in a true Northern Michigan lifestyle? Check out The Natural at Beaver Creek Resort.
Those are just a smattering of the things they offer, some highlights if you will. The properties of the Mecca have been around for 31 years as a group because they offer even more, and they plan to keep on doing it as well as they can and with passion.
Plan your next trip – EXACTLY the way you want it – by visiting or calling 800-345-8621.
Yes, now. Beat the rush.
-Greg Johnson

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