Sep 05, 2023 / kayla

By Greg Johnson 1. Trees for miles with colorful leaves framing green grass and vistas you will not believe. In fact, you have to see it to believe it. 2. The Mecca marketing group features 17 beautiful championship golf courses packaged any way you like at the price point you desire. MORE

Fishing the Gaylord Golf Mecca – Enjoy Our Green & Blue

Jul 10, 2023 / Christy Walcott

There’s nothing quite like a Gaylord Golf Mecca getaway.  Those late evenings with sherbet sunsets, gentle inland breezes and mild summer temperatures that allow for play at any hour of the day…top it all off with 17 phenomenal golf courses and we’re sold! So what is it that makes our area such a slam-dunk?   Obviously, there’s the golf.  Our member courses were designed by the sport's finest, including Rees Jones, Rick Smith and Tom Fazio, just to name a few.  Challenge yourself on greens carved along the ridges of the Sturgeon River Valley or spend a more leisurely afternoon on parkland-style links; the quality and variety of courses in our area just can’t be beat. MORE


Jun 21, 2022 / Christy Walcott

1. TREE-MENDOUS GOLF For 34 years the top golf courses in the Gaylord area have been marketed together as the Gaylord Golf Mecca and gained a great reputation. It’s because the area truly offers the best combination of quantity and quality of golf in the Midwest, right in the heart of Michigan’s beautiful land of lakes and trees. MORE

Golf Show Season Produces Gaylord Golf Mecca Enthusiasm

Feb 22, 2022 / glmdev

By Greg Johnson If the return of live golf shows from the pandemic and the first few shows of the year are any indication, the enthusiasm golf gained in the last few years hasn’t waned. More and more people are keenly aware of the Gaylord Golf Mecca’s collection of 17 golf courses, nine properties, anchor resorts and endless amenities, too. MORE

Merry Mecca Christmas and Happy Holidays Gift Ideas

Dec 07, 2021 / Christy Walcott

By Greg Johnson The Gaylord Golf Mecca may be closed down for playing our favorite game for the winter, but we have a foursome of gift ideas to help you make for the merriest holiday celebrations. While the establishment of Mecca golf packages for 2022 are underway and will be available at a later date with fabulous savings and specials, it is possible through some of our 17 member courses and 21 lodging partners to book ahead. MORE

Golflight Savings Time

Jul 14, 2021 / Christy Walcott

By Greg Johnson In the Gaylord Golf Mecca, we call it Golflight Savings Time instead of Daylight Savings Time. We are on the golf side of the Eastern Time Zone, which cutting to the chase means you can play golf until almost 10 p.m. MORE